We specialize in the construction (3D) and manufacture of injection molds (also multi-component molds) and fixtures.

We also have 3 different rapid prototyping printers with glass and carbon fiber support and the use of certified standard granules.

Manufacturing options

CNC milling machine

CNC Fräsmaschinen DECKEL MoriSeiki DMC 1035

HSC milling hardened steel

HSC Fräsen gehärteter Stahl

CNC milling cooling holes

CNC Fräsen Kühlbohrungen

HSC milling electrode made of graphite

HSC Fräsen einer Graphitelektrode

Dye Erosion with graphite electrode


Wire erosion


Finishing with a slinging press with wax spray ingenuity


Rapid prototyping with ARBURG FREEFORMER made of certified standard granules

3-D Druck Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping on a Stratasys

3-D Druck Rapid Prototyping

Manufacturing example injection mould

CAD nozzle side injection mould

CAD Düsenseite Einsatz

CAD nozzle side injection mould

CAD Düsenseite Einsatz

CAD everer site use

CAD Auswerferseite Elektroden

CAD everers side electrodes

CAD Auswerferseite Elektroden

Injection molded and spray painted part

Baugruppe aus Spritzgussteilen, lackiert und bedruckt

Maintenance work on an injection mold

Formenreinigung nach ALS gesteuertem Wartungsintervall

Maintenance work on a silicone mold

Zerlegung einer Spritzgussform für Silikon mit Kaltkanal

Manufacturing example of clamping agents

tensioning device


tensioning device


3-D pressure of a handling gripper with internal vacuum cables

3-D Druck Rapid Prototyping

Handling gripper in 3-D printing process

3-D Druck Rapid Prototyping eines Handlinggreifers

Manufacturing tables